Grinning Man

Why is this man grinning? Why is he tanned, relaxed and well rested? And what does this have to do with your business critical data and systems.

My name is David Favor. I am the Grinning Man.

The question is, will you be a Grinning Man when:

  • an Anthrax envelop gets opened in your mail room
  • a Kamikaze jet vaporizes your building
  • your entire data center gets destroyed by a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or industrial sabotage by a competitor
I'm grinning, tanned and relaxed because I have peace of mind. My data and systems are replicated and always available, so my business runs - come what may.

When a disaster occurs, how long will your business be offline? Days, weeks, months, years? Can your business survive extended downtime?
On September 11th one company in the World Trade Towers was prepared. They were using an HACMP (Highly Available Computing Cluster). When their Tower collapsed, a backup data center across town noticed the primary was down and within four minutes replaced the primary on the Internet-Web.
The bottom line? This one company, out of thousands in the World Trade Towers, stayed online. Customers went about their business and money kept flowing into this company's accounts.
Today, many of their neighbors in the Towers are out of business. Our company using HACMP is flourishing, because competitor's customers are flocking to them, because their competitors are either gone or their data centers are still offline.
Now it's your turn to be the Grinning Man or Grinning Woman. A short email to me,, starts the ball rolling.
I will schedule a call with you and record your requirements. Our team of HACMP gurus will analyze your requirements and tell you what it will take to have you grinning through any disaster.
Be prepared though. Initially you will weep at the cost of setting up an HACMP infrastructure. Initially you'll weep and eventually you'll be grinning.
Because when disaster strikes you will be the hero responsible for your customers shoveling money into your company's accounts, while the dust and smoke are still settling over the remains of your primary data center.
Send your email to now. The clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before you'll be crying, or grinning.